C-MER Medical has provided professional medical services to customers for over a decade. We strongly believe that employees are the valuable assets treasured by the company. Welfares and the health of employees are crucial elements. The annual physical examination provided by C-MER will benefit our clients by understanding their employees' health status and potential risks to maintain a cost-effective health expenditure.

Our corporate health consultants can provide a CUSTOM-MADE diversified service portfolio to suit your needs, including comprehensive physical examinations, eye examinations and dental care. Service points are located throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.



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    Physical examination plans can be tailored depending on the needs of enterprises for their employees. In terms of individual medical needs, additional examinations may also be included. Follow-up, doctor referrals or treatment plans will also be advised accordingly.

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    Dental Care Plan/

    Having healthy teeth can enhance the personal image. C-MER Dental provides basic and advanced dental services. Dental health plans covered regular oral check-ups and care to maintain healthy teeth and gums away from various oral diseases.

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    Eye Examination/

    Basic eye examination include: visual acuity and refraction examination, glaucoma screening (intraocular pressure), binocular coordination and strabismus examination, color weakness/color blindness.

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    Health Talk/

    Our professional medical team can provide health talks to your employees. This allows them to recognize up-to-date health information and risks. Furthermore, to bring up the awareness of self-health management.


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